EZICOZI Tray Set can fit with everything in your house!

EZICOZI Tray Set can fit with everything in your house!

How does the EZICOZI Tray set fit you? I'll show you.
First of all, we have various sizes of the tray set from small to large.

The small size tray can store with small accessories like rings and earrings, keys, and coins and other small stuffs which can be lost easily.

ket tray

desk tray

The medium size tray is often used to store candle trimmers or display candle lights. In your kitchen, you can put the hand soap dispensers. What about storing your reading glasses on this tray? Your iPhone can be fit this size of the tray as well.


vanity tray


Side tray

The large size of the tray is huge. The delicious cupcake can be displayed in this size if you have a special party. A napkin or hand towel can be put on it. Do you need a plate to put your hair combs? Try this. It has long and wide than other oval plates.

display tray

rose gold decoration tray
This tray set can fit in a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, guest room, office, and living room, etc. Now can you imagine where you need it? Now it's time to get for your own!
The EZICOZI Tray will fit you!