Candle Tray Rose Gold – 11 Inch (L), Set of 3 Sale

✔️ High quality Stainless Steel Rose Gold Tray with gloss finishHigh quality Stainless Steel Rose Gold Tray with gloss finish
✔️ The Decorative Stainless steel trays set has 3 different sizes; 7", 9", and 11" sizes. It comes with a box package, so It can be a great gift option for Birthday, Mother’s Day, Housewarming, etc
✔️ It's perfect for jewelry storage, cosmetic, perfume, candle trimmer, towel holder, etc to bathroom organization
✔️ It's easy to store and clean; simply wipe out with a wet or dry towel
✔️ It is suitable for various occasions and locations like dining table, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, countertop, and other places
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